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    SubjectRe: ehci-hcd affects hda speed
    On 18-03-08 01:24, Lev A. Melnikovsky wrote:

    > DB> On Monday 17 March 2008, Rene Herman wrote:
    > DB> > + case PCI_VENDOR_ID_VIA:
    > DB> > + if (pdev->device == 0x3104 && pdev->revision >= 0x60) {
    > DB> Unless you have specific docs from VIA saying that this register
    > DB> isn't revision-specific (at least in the sense that all revisions
    > DB> after 0x60 define that bit in that way), this should probably be a
    > DB> switch on pdev->revision and just include the known-safe revisions.
    > May I suggest this should be a module parameter? Because a side effect is
    > a USB slow-down, which may be more important for somebody...

    If the 10us is a EHCI specification, I'd personally think not. But if need


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