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    SubjectRe: [2.6.25-rc5-mm1] WARNING: at drivers/base/sys.c:173
    Am 14.03.2008 01:57 schrieb Zhao Yakui:
    > Please set CONFIG_ACPI_DEBUG and boot the system with the option of
    > "acpi.debug_layer=0x01010000 acpi.debug_level=0x1f".
    > It will be great if the acpidump output is attached.

    Ok, that took a bit longer than I hoped, but the result is now
    finally available at:

    Note that I doctored this a bit: the dmesg buffer had already
    overflowed by the time I ran the dmesg command, so I manually
    prepended the missing part from the file /var/log/boot.msg into
    which SUSE saves the early kernel messages. The border between
    the two is marked off by the string "~~~~~~~~splice~~~~~~~~",
    and I left a line of overlap to make it very clear.

    The output of acpidump is unchanged wrt what I already posted.
    (Unsurprisingly, but nevertheless I checked. Call me paranoid. ;-)


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