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SubjectRe: hackbench regression since 2.6.25-rc

On Fri, 14 Mar 2008, Zhang, Yanmin wrote:

> After testing:
> Name Objects Alloc Free %Fast
> :0000192 3428 80093958 80090708 92 8
> :0000512 374 80016030 80015715 68 7

Ahhh... Okay those slabs did not change for 2.6.25-rc. Is there
really a difference to 2.6.24?

> So block 192 and 512's and very active and their fast free percentage is low.

Yes but that is to be expected given that hackbench does allocate objects
and then passes them to other processors for freeing.

Could you get me more details on the two critical slabs?

Do slabinfo -a and then pick one alias for each of those sizes.

Then do

slabinfo skbuff_head (whatever alias you want to use to refer to the slab)

for each of them. Should give some more insight as to how slub behaves
with these two slab caches.

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