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SubjectRe: [linux-pm] [PATCH] cpuidle: avoid singing capacitors
On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 14:15:46 -0700
"Pallipadi, Venkatesh" <> wrote:

> Why go only one C-state down. Why not directly drop to max_hwcstate? We
> don't need to loop through that way.

Good point. But we can't just jump there and be done with it. That state might not be available (then again, we could require the user to put in a valid max_hwcstate, but that isn't as user friendly).

> There are few other concerns which make me feel that the patch will be
> not as simple as this.
> 1) BIOS may already be exporting the lower C-states as separate states.
> In which case we just have to ignore this deep C-state and return. I
> mean, on your system if BIOS exports C1, C3 and C6 hardware C-states and
> you give max_hwcstate as C3, then we don't want to have C1, C3 and C3 in
> our list.

Indeed. But the current system doesn't easily allows us to handle that. Any ideas?

> 2) On same lines the other information in ACPI like (low power of 100
> and higher latency for C6 on your system) corresponds to hardware C6
> state. If we change the hardware C-state here to C3, then continue to
> use latency info from ACPI for hw C6, that may lead to inefficient state
> selection in the governor. Also, ther are assumptions related DMA,
> lapic, TSC etc in upper level ACPI based on "ACPI C-state" and changing
> underlying hardware C-state to C1 for example will change some of those
> behavior.

It is still way better going to C3 less than possible than not at all (i.e. the previous workaround of processor.max_cstate). As far as I can tell from the documentation, every C-state includes all of the negative side effects of the ones preceding it. So it should just be a matter of sub-optimal selection by the governor. And I don't see how we can fix that without a big table for each processor and possibly chipset.

-- Pierre Ossman

Linux kernel, MMC maintainer
PulseAudio, core developer
rdesktop, core developer

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