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SubjectRe: [RFC] Union mount readdir support in glibc

On Fri, 2008-03-14 at 13:53 -0400, Peter Staubach wrote:
> Miklos Szeredi wrote:
> >>> Actually, do we really need it other than to 0 and to current position
> >>> (i.e. full rewind and a no-op)?
> >>>
> >> Ever heard of the little function "telldir"?
> >>
> >
> > Actually, telldir/seekdir is already broken for some filesystems (NFS
> > comes to mind). POSIX was really crazy to require a working seekdir
> > implementation, and userspace should quickly start _not_ using it.

POSIX never did require a working seekdir implementation. That
requirement came from our friends in the "Open Group":

> What makes you think that telldir/seekdir don't work for NFS? The over the
> wire protocols clearly take values which could be retrieved and stored via
> those interfaces.
> ps

Except for the fact that the NFS cookies are unsigned (and in the case
of NFSv3/v4 are 64-bit wide), whereas glibc gets confused when
confronted with 'negative' telldir values.

Hence the current Linux client's wrapping of the on-the-wire cookies. As
far as I can see, it is fully conformant with the spec, which has the
perfect "get out of jail free" card:

"The definition of seekdir() and telldir() does not specify
whether, when using these interfaces, a given directory entry
will be seen at all, or more than once."


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