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Subject[PATCH 00/18] MMC: OMAP: Sync MMC OMAP driver with mainline tree
Hi Pierre, Tony and folks,

The new version of the patch series that follows is a synchronization
of MMC OMAP driver from Linux-OMAP tree into mainline tree.

Improvements and corrections are based on comments from Pierre Ossman and
Roel Kluin, from LKML.

Just to remind you, basically it brings MMC multislot support for OMAP boards
with one slot (like H2 1611, H3 1710) or two slots (like H4 2420 and N800).
Others boards supported by such feature are: N770, Siemens SX1 and Apollon.



Carlos Eduardo Aguiar
Nokia Institute of Technology - INdT
Open Source Mobile Research Center - OSMRC - Manaus
Core Team
Phone: +55 92 2126-1079
Mobile: +55 92 8127-1797

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