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SubjectRe: [RFC] cgroups: implement device whitelist lsm (v2)
Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> Quoting Pavel Emelyanov (
>> [snip]
>>>> My main question was why was that file in the kernel/ directory?
>>>> Shouldn't that also be in the security/ directory?
>>> I'm using cgroups to track the tasks which should have their device
>>> permissions restricted. Right now cgroups are all under kernel/.
>> No. Memory cgroup is under mm/ :)
> Ah.
> Guess it could all go under security/. Should it still go there even if
> we make it not use lsm?

Sure it can - security/ is in obj-y regardless of whether the
SECURITY itself is on or off :)

>>>> And to be honest, I didn't really look at it at all other than the
>>>> diffstat to make sure you weren't messing with the kobj_map stuff
>>>> anymore :)
>>>> thanks,
>>>> greg k-h
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