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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Ramback: faster than a speeding bullet
Daniel Phillips wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 March 2008 23:30, David Newall wrote:
>> Daniel Phillips wrote:
>>>> Your idea seems predicated on throwing large amounts of RAM at the
>>>> problem. What I want to know is this: Is it really 25 times faster than
>>>> ext3 with an equally huge buffer cache?
>>> Yes.
>> Well, that sounds convincing. Not. You know this how?
> By measuring it. time untar -xf linux-2.2.26.tar; time sync

No numbers. No specifications. And by doing a sync, you explicitly
excluded what I was asking, namely a big buffer cache. You've certainly
convinced me; you don't know if your idea is worth a brass razoo.

Come back when you've got some hard data.

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