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SubjectRe: [RFC] cgroups: implement device whitelist lsm (v2)
Quoting James Morris (
> On Thu, 13 Mar 2008, Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> > That does make for a simpler implementation at this point, however if
> > any other such LSMs come along (as Casey seemed to think they would) the
> > end result could end up being horrible spaghetti code of dependencies
> > and interrelated configs.
> That can be addressed as the need arises. A basic tenet of kernel
> development is to avoid speculative infrastructure.

True, but while this change simplifies the code a bit, the semantics
seem more muddled - devcg will be enforcing when CONFIG_CGROUP_DEV=y

rootplug is enabled
capabilities is enabled
smack is enabled
selinux+capabilities is enabled

It will not be enforcing when
dummy is loaded
only selinux (and not capabilities) is loaded

If that's ok with people then I'm fine with it. I suppose it should be
explained in the CONFIG_CGROUP_DEV help section, which it isn't in this
version I'm about to set. Patch hitting the wire in a minute.


> > But OTOH we went years with no such changes, so that's probably not a
> > particularly practical concern unless someone can cite specific upcoming
> > examples. So if noone objects I'll try that approach.
> --
> James Morris
> <>

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