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SubjectRe: block layer / FS question: x86_32bit with LBD, 20 TB RAID volume => funny issues
On 10 Mar 2008 at 10:13, wrote:
> My testbed server has passed some 5 loops of dd over the weekend.
> Thanks for your help :-)
> I'm installing a 64bit Fedora to give XFS another try...
So I installed Fedora 8 64b, compiled a 64bit,
and XFS mounts without a word of objection :-)
even with my 32bit user-space on that old CD :-)

Interestingly, XFS even survives looped+parallel
Bonnie++2 - only when I let it run overnight,
in the morning the box was stuck with a
Machine Check Exception.
This is a dual Xeon Irwindale at 3 GHz, so far it's always
been rock-solid under 32bit operating systems.
Difficult for me to say if the CPU's indeed have a problem
or if this is some sorta compatibility bug...
Anyway it's unlikely to be a XFS-related issue.
I've checked the thermocouple paste on my heatsinks and I'll try
again tonight with "nomce"...

Frank Rysanek

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