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SubjectRe: boot cgroup questions
Paul Jackson wrote:
> Max K wrote:
>> How is that any different from tasks ? Exact same example right back at you.
>> Suppose I have a task that needs to run in A and B but not C.
> Can't happen.
Of course it can. See below.

> Each task belongs to exactly one cpuset, no exceptions.
Sure. Same for irqs.

> That's why you can't "treat irqs just like tasks".
Sure you can.

I was talking about running on the _cpus_ that belong to the "sets A and B but
not C" and not that a task must belong to more than one cpuset. Unless I
misinterpreted your example you were talking about exact same thing. In other
words that an irq needs to assigned to the _cpus_ in the sets A and B but not C.
Makes sense ?


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