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SubjectRe: INFO: task mount:11202 blocked for more than 120 seconds
>>>>> "David" == David Chinner <> writes:

>> No, no I/O errors at all. See the kern.log above, I could even do
>> dd(1) from the md1 (dm-crypt on raid1), no errors either.

David> Oh, dm-crypt. Well, I'd definitely start looking there. XFS has
David> a history of exposing dm-crypt bugs, and these hangs appear to
David> be I/O congestion/scheduling related and not XFS. Also, we
David> haven't changed anything related to plug/unplug of block
David> devices in XFS recently, so that also points to some other
David> change as well...

For what it is worth, I notice the same error last week (with a kernel
of the day) on my laptop but was too busy at work to investigate. And
I use ext3... on dm-crypt.

Samuel Tardieu -- --

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