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    SubjectRe: How to compile kernel so it automatically reboots upon a crash instead of generating stack trace and then hang.

    On Mar 11 2008 23:52, Prakhar Krishna wrote:
    >[I did search the mailing lists archives and the Web but did not find an answer,
    > apololgies if this is duplicate question]
    >i need my linux box to automatically reboot if it ever runs into a
    >kernel panic/crash etc.

    panic=<timeout> boot parameter, as per

    >For my production evvironment, it is not desired that kernel generate the stack
    >trace and then wait there. We want it to reboot and comeback up again.

    Kernel panic is not the only problem one can run into; there are
    also deadlocks-after-oops situations, in which case some sort of
    watchdog is best for triggering reboots.

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