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SubjectRe: Kernel Linux hangs when run updatedb
On Tue, 11 Mar 2008, Renato S. Yamane wrote:
> > Renato, some questions:
> > 1) is this fully reproducible with updatedb ?
> Yes, this crash is fully reproducible.
> All time wich I turn-on my laptopt I need kill find daemon in my Debian Etch.
> If I don't do that, my laptop hangs.

Good. Not for you, but for isolating the bug. :)

> > 2) are you sure that this is the first stacktrace you captured, there
> > might be some BUG before that which scrolled out of sight. Any chance
> > to use a serial console?
> I can't use scroll, because none key/mouse work after crash.
> And, sorry I can't use a serial console. Any other idea?

netconsole might work. Documentation/networking/netconsole.txt

> > 3) Can you please recompile the kernel with CONFIF_DEBUG_INFO set
> > and then run the following addresses from the backtrace through
> > addr2line with the new vmlinux:
> > # addr2line -e vmlinux 0xc013dad9 0xc0107c3b
> Yes, I try compile without any patch.

Ok. If the problem persists, you might try 2.6.25-rc5 as well. I have
timer debugging infrastructure for the latter, which I want to avoid
to backport to .23/24 :)

Does it happen with straight as well ?

> > 4) Looking at your .config it seems you have some more patches applied
> > aside of the .16 stable. Can you please upload a full patch queue
> > somewhere ?
> I attached all patchs used in my

Hmm, I can't see an obvious candidate.



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