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SubjectRe: [PATCH REPOST] Run IST traps from user mode preemptive on process stack
> I'm not sure whether this is good or bad sign - but with this patch
> you have posted,
> I do not have to wait in qemu for minutes to get the 'busy-loop' - I
> get the exact same loop almost instantly when I start disk read of LV
> partition and running my simple module insertion testcase.

Hmm, my fix was intended to fix a gdb problem. Or rather the gdb
problem was already fixed by disabling some functionality and with
this patch the functionality would be reenabled again.

If it fixed a qemu problem too that's great but was unintended
on my part. In fact it is a little worrying because there should
be no user visible change. Can you double check by unapply/test/reapply/test
the patch really makes a difference?

> > This patch changes these traps instead to always switch
> > to the process stack when the trap originated from user mode.
> > For kernel traps it keeps running non preemptive on the IST stack
> > because that is much safer (e.g. to still get nmi watchdog events
> > out even when the process stack is corrupted)
> >
> So what should I check to get fixed my problem in qemu ?

I don't know. Someone has to debug it.


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