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SubjectRe: Recent driver in linux kernel 2.6.25-rc2
2008/3/11 Lukas Hejtmanek <>:
> On Mon, Mar 10, 2008 at 05:35:32PM -0700, Chatre, Reinette wrote:
> > sorry for the delay - please do submit a bug at to enable us
> > to track this problem.
> >
> > The error you get is strange - the reason why the channel could not be
> > set was because the device is not considered to be ready. Yet, from your
> > debug log all the required steps appear to have completed successfully.
> > Could you please add a print to the function
> > iwl4965-base.c:iwl4965_is_ready to see what the value of priv->status
> > is?
> I don't have this problem in 2.6.25-rc3 and rc4. However, it seems that the
> card does not associate with AP if I set iwcofnig wlan0 essid any. Is this
> a bug or a feature? The AP does not use key and is visible.
It looks more like mac80211 bug but frankly I would prefer if this
'any' feature will be not supported.
It has security implications. The decision about to which AP to
associate should be left solely to user space.


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