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SubjectRe: [PATCH] keyring: Incorrect permissions checking in __keyring_search_one()
Arun Raghavan <> wrote:

> The __keyring_search_one() function currently has 2 issues with regards
> to permissions:
> 1. It does not check for KEY_SEARCH on the keyring before performing a
> search

That is correct. This is used by key_create_or_update() to check to see
whether there's a key in the current keyring that it can update rather than
adding a new key entirely. key_create_or_update() mustn't be bound by
KEY_SEARCH permission, and similarly the target key doesn't require KEY_SEARCH
permission either; the control here is whether or not the target key has
KEY_WRITE permission.

> 2. It accepts a "perm" parameter to check whether a given key in the
> keyring may be returned.

The "perm" parameter is superfluous given that nothing else now calls this


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