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Subject[SITE] - Request for kernels

Hope Im not upsetting by posting this http link. My main thought about this site is not to compete with
kernelnewbies or kerneltrap. instead its to give room to the linux kernel ports available (that rarely get any spotlight).
Im going to hold record of what kernels work for a specific platform, maintainer, git repositories and so on.
This is not a one day site, I intend to have this running for a long time since it doesn't cost me anything. It will
be free and open to anyone.

So Im asking maintainers to hand me kernels for their obscure machines. Im especially interested in handhelds and
old-style computers. Examples :
Amiga, Atari, spitz, collie, sparc, s390, powerpc, development boards... basicly anything non-x86.

In mail, please supply any sources (git repositories, patches and so on).

Kristoffer Ericson <>

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