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Subjectdev_queue_xmit question

I apologize whether this question has been asked already, however I
performed a check on the archives and didn't find anything suitable to
my case.

I would like some enlightenment about dev_queue_xmit use:

The man page explains that the buffer is being 'consumed', however I
can increase the reference count value in order to attempt a resend.

Does this mean that I should proceed this way (see code below) in case
I am willing to send the same skb more than once (ie, multiple times)?


while(i want to send this skb)


skb->dev = output_device;

skb->packet_type = PACKET_OUTGOING;

xmit_rvalue = dev_queue_xmit(skb)

if(xmit_rvalue) /* != 0 not successful send */

goto error;


return (0);



return (-1);


So, is it okay or this piece of code and technique should be used only
in case of skb transmission error?

In short, what I would like to obtain is avoiding a (p)skb_copy
overhead before the dev_queue_xmit call.

Thank you in advance :)


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