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SubjectRe: block layer / FS question: x86_32bit with LBD, 20 TB RAID volume => funny issues
> On 7 Mar 2008 at 10:30, Andi Kleen wrote:
> [...snip...]
> > BTW your problems mostly sound like driver issues. Some drivers
> > (and some controller firmwares) have problems with large block numbers
> >
> thanks for that hint, I'll investigate that too.
> The HBA is a Qlogic QLA-2460. Based on some past experience with
> other brands of FC HBA's, I tend to swear on Qlogic as the reference
> implementation of FC hardware.
And indeed it was the firmware.

Until now, I've been using version v4.00.27, which is the last
numbered version in that FTP directory.

Upon closer inspection, I picked the file called
with a timestamp from 12th February 2008.
This one turns out to be v4.03.01 and it SOLVES THE PROBLEM :-)

It seems to work with qla2xxx v8.01.07-k7 ( and
v8.02.00-k5 (

My testbed server has passed some 5 loops of dd over the weekend.

Thanks for your help :-)

I'm installing a 64bit Fedora to give XFS another try...

Frank Rysanek

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