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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.24] mm: BadRAM support for broken memory

> >badram=0x18690000,0xffff0000
> >(which means a whole from 0x18690000 to 0x1869ffff )
> memmap=0x18690000$64K
> or
> memmap=0x18690000$0x10000

The true challenge, of course, is to map things like these:


This is a repetitive pattern, and this is why people enjoy the syntactic
sugar of BadRAM (which is penciled down from the output of memtest86).
It appears to be the prevailing wind in this discussion that the patch
must be rewritting to make series of amandments as a long series of
memmap would do, and I'll take on that task.


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