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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] enhanced lookup ESTALE error handling (v3)
On Mon, 10 Mar 2008 16:23:33 -0400
Peter Staubach <> wrote:

> This is a patch to enhance ESTALE error handling during the
> lookup process. The error, ESTALE, can occur when out of data
> dentries, stored in the dcache, is used to translate a pathname
> component to a dentry. When this occurs, the dentry which
> contains the pointer to the inode which refers to the non-existent
> file is dropped from the dcache and then the lookup process
> started again. Care is taken to ensure that forward process is
> always being made. If forward process is not detected, then the
> lookup process is terminated and the error, ENOENT, is returned
> to the caller.

This collides in non-trivial ways with the always-coming-never-arrives
r-o-bind-mounts patches.

I have an old version of those patches in -mm and I believe that Al
is/was/has set up some git tree with these patches and perhaps other stuff.

So some coordination is required please. I'd suggest that if Al indeed
does have such a tree, he hand over the URL so I can get it into -mm and
that you then redo these patches on top of that.

Please also Cc Al and Christoph on these patches, as they are hitting files
which they maintain and develop.


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