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SubjectRe: 4KSTACKS + pcdrw + dm + mount -> stack overflow: ide-cd related? dm-related?
On 6 Mar 2008, Jan Kara said:
> If you are interested, linux-next or -mm tree should contain a patch now
> that fixes the problem...

As soon as I've figured out why dhclient is failing to establish DHCP
connections from (the DHCPOFFERs seem to get ignored, it's
weird and the kernel shouldn't have anything to do with it, but it does)
so I can actually compile something that works and doesn't knock me off
the net every two minutes, I'll try it :)

(yes, I could try -mm directly, but it's been some weeks since I backed
up, thanks to an abruptly chocolate-filled CD-RW drive, so I'm being a
bit cautious.)

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