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Subjectcopy_page_range() with VM_LOCKED
Hi all,

In order to optimize fork performance copy_page_range avoids copying
page tables under certain circumstances:

if (!(vma->vm_flags &
if (!vma->anon_vma)
return 0;

I have a VM_LOCKED vma that I would really, really like not to fault
on, but because copy_page_range does not copy the page tables of the
vma I do end up faulting in my VM_LOCKED vma. Now as far as I'm aware
mmap with MAP_LOCKED only promises the page will not be paged out, not
that the page will never fault but I would like to get that behaviour.

Would it be possible to add VM_LOCKED to the above conditional so
copy_page_range would always copy VM_LOCKED vma page tables or would
that be considered insane and broken?


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