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SubjectRe: quicklists confuse meminfo
On Sun, 9 Mar 2008, Ingo Molnar wrote:

> > careful with this; the quicklists aren't JUST for speed they are also
> > there to make sure a page we free that is a pagetable, is not reused
> > until we have finished flushing the tlbs on all the cpus that saw it.
> > This is a really hard correctness requirement, and while I can see
> > that quicklists are probably not the best way to achieve this, we
> > can't just throw away the behavior ;(
> no, that's not true anymore - and the current quicklists code doesnt do
> anything like that AFAICS. It used to be a lot more complex, but now
> it's just a thin wrapper around the page allocator.

Sure it does that. It interacts with the TLB logic which is another bad
thing as Linus has pointed out.

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