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Subjectman-pages-2.79 is released

I've released man-pages-2.79.

This release is now available for download at:

A full list of the changes in this release can be seen at
A summary of the changes in this release that may be of interest to readers
of this list is provided below.



==================== Changes in man-pages-2.79 ====================

New pages

mtk, with input and review from Davide Libenzi
Documents the timerfd_create(), timerfd_settime(), and
timerfd_gettime() system calls, which are new in 2.6.25.

Changes to individual pages

Jeremy Kerr
Add info on command type 10.
Add details on types 6, 7, 8, and 9.
Minor grammar fix.
Update LOG_BUF_LEN details.
Update RETURN VALUE section.
Notes capability requirements under EPERM error.
Minor fix to description of type==3 and type==4.
Other minor edits.

Fernando Luis Vázquez Cao
Update /proc/[number]/cmdline description.
It used to be true that the command line arguments were
not accessible when the process had been swapped out.
In ancient kernels (circa 2.0.*) the problem was that the
kernel relied on get_phys_addr to access the user space buffer,
which stopped working as soon as the process was swapped out.
Recent kernels use get_user_pages for the same purpose and thus
they should not have that limitation.

Davide Libenzi / mtk
Clarify the somewhat unintuitive behavior that occurs if a file
descriptor in an epoll set is closed while other file descriptors
referring to the same underlying open file description remain
See also
Clarify error that occurs if we add an epoll fd to its own set.
A few minor rewordings.
mtk, after a note by Chris Heath
Rework Q1/A1, describing what happens when adding the same
file descriptor twice to an epoll set, and when adding duplicate
file descriptors to the same epoll set.
Heikki Orsila / mtk / Davide Libenzi
Clarify Q9/A9 to discuss packet/token-oriented files.
mtk, after comments by Devide Libenzi and Chris Heath
Added Q0/A0, making explicit that the key for items in an epoll
set is [file descriptor, open file description].
mtk, after a note by Ron Burk
Change A3, to note that when events are available,
the epoll file descriptor will indicate as being readable.
Add some further explanation to Q5/A5 about why an epoll file
descriptor cannot be passed across a Unix domain socket.

Michael Kerrisk
Maintainer of the Linux man-pages project
Want to report a man-pages bug? Look here:

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