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SubjectRe: [PATCH] chroot= as a new kernel parameter
Pawel Plociennik schrieb:
> hi *real* hackers,
> it is a my first post to lkml and I hope that you will have not been
> ignored me if I have done some incorrect thing.
> In the short this patch has added a new chroot= kernel parameter which can be used
> to changing a chroot of an init process before it will has been runed.
> I use that for testing variouses distroes without making a separate partition but
> by copied a new root-fs to a new subdirectory on the my *base* filesystem.


Gentoos initrd (build by genkernel) has support for a chrooted boot, the parameter is
called subdir=
Maybe other distros have something similar, it's easy to support this with a initrd/initramfs.


PS: This is my first post to lkml, too :)

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