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    SubjectCLONE_NEWNS and bind mounts to make "chroot" jail
    I have been trying to use the combination of CLONE_NEWNS and bind mounts
    to create a better (than) chroot jail. I wish to have the ability to
    bind (ro will be possible in the future, I understand) certain
    directories into the jail (perhaps /bin, /lib, /usr), but not have
    parallel directories in the jail (no /etc, ..., /home).

    I have heard that this should be possible, but have yet to get a working

    I have tried something analogous to:
    /* mount(8) syntax given for simplicity, but mount(2) used below */
    mount --bind / /jail/old_root
    mount --bind /jail/old_root/bin /jail/bin
    mount --bind /jail/old_root/usr /jail/usr
    mount --bind /jail/old_root/lib /jail/lib
    mount --bind /jail / # does nothing?
    umount2("/old_root", MNT_DETACH); # never happens.

    When bin/sh runs, I can still see old_root from /jail and the bind of
    /jail over / seems to have not done anything.

    Is it possible to create such a jail with bind mounts? Is there a
    recommended method for doing so? Thank you for your time.

    Michael Leibowitz
    Software Engineer, UMG
    Intel Corporation
    michael.leibowitz at

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