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Subject[git pull] x86 updates

please pull the pending x86 updates from:

ssh:// master

The update contains:

- a couple of bugfixes
- CPA and DEBUG_PAGEALLOC improvements
- x86 power management consolidation
- GEODE updates
- 32bit boot time page table construction rework
- sparse and compile warning fixes
- trivial cleanups

There are two patches out of x86 scope as well:

- lguest bugfix: x86 broke it, fix is obviously correct and Rusty
is away

- randomization docs: resulted out of a x86 randomization




Ahmed S. Darwish (1):
lguest: accept guest _PAGE_PWT page table entries

Andres Salomon (5):
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: Minor cleanups
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: drop module owner usage from MFGPT API
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: replace 'flags' field with 'avail' bit
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: make mfgpt_timer_setup available outside of mfgpt_32.c
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: fix a potential race when disabling a timer

Arnd Hannemann (1):
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: fix typo in printk in mfgpt_timer_setup

Denys Vlasenko (1):
x86: trivial printk optimizations

Harvey Harrison (6):
x86: fix sparse warning in xen/time.c
x86: sparse warning in therm_throt.c
x86: sparse warnings in pageattr.c
x86: fix sparse warning in topology.c
x86: fix sparse warnings in acpi/bus.c
x86, core: remove CONFIG_FORCED_INLINING

Ian Campbell (2):
x86: construct 32-bit boot time page tables in native format.
x86: fix early_ioremap pagetable ops

Ingo Molnar (2):
x86: fixup more paravirt fallout
brk: help text typo fix

Jiri Kosina (1):
brk: document randomize_va_space and CONFIG_COMPAT_BRK (was Re:

Jordan Crouse (2):
x86: GEODE: MFGPT: Use "just-in-time" detection for the MFGPT timers
x86: GEODE: make sure the right MFGPT timer fired the timer tick

Rafael J. Wysocki (4):
x86 PM: move 64-bit hibernation files to arch/x86/power
x86 PM: rename 32-bit files in arch/x86/power
x86 PM: consolidate suspend and hibernation code
x86 PM: update stale comments

Thomas Gleixner (6):
x86: avoid unused variable warning in mm/init_64.c
x86: DEBUG_PAGEALLOC: enable after mem_init()
x86: introduce page pool in cpa
x86: cpa, use page pool
x86: cpa, enable CONFIG_DEBUG_PAGEALLOC on 64-bit
x86: cpa, strict range check in try_preserve_large_page()

Willy Tarreau (1):
x86: GEODE fix MFGPT input clock value

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