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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/8][for -mm] mem_notify v6

    Interesting patch series (I am being yuppie and reading this thread
    from my iPhone on a treadmill at the gym - so further comments later).
    I think that this is broadly along the lines that I was thinking, but
    this should be an RFC only patch series for now.

    Some initial questions:

    Where is the netlink interface? Polling an FD is so last century :)

    What testing have you done?

    Still, it is good to start with some code - eventually we might just
    have a full reservation API created. Rik and I and others have bounced
    ideas around for a while and I hope we can pitch in. I will play with
    these patches later.


    On Feb 9, 2008, at 10:19, "KOSAKI Motohiro" <
    > wrote:

    > Hi
    > The /dev/mem_notify is low memory notification device.
    > it can avoid swappness and oom by cooperationg with the user process.
    > the Linux Today article is very nice description. (great works by
    > Jake Edge)
    > <quoted>
    > When memory gets tight, it is quite possible that applications have
    > memory
    > allocated—often caches for better performance—that they could fre
    > e.
    > After all, it is generally better to lose some performance than to
    > face the
    > consequences of being chosen by the OOM killer.
    > But, currently, there is no way for a process to know that the
    > kernel is
    > feeling memory pressure.
    > The patch provides a way for interested programs to monitor the /dev/
    > mem_notify
    > file to be notified if memory starts to run low.
    > </quoted>
    > You need not be annoyed by OOM any longer :)
    > please any comments!
    > patch list
    > [1/8] introduce poll_wait_exclusive() new API
    > [2/8] introduce wake_up_locked_nr() new API
    > [3/8] introduce /dev/mem_notify new device (the core of this
    > patch series)
    > [4/8] memory_pressure_notify() caller
    > [5/8] add new mem_notify field to /proc/zoneinfo
    > [6/8] (optional) fixed incorrect shrink_zone
    > [7/8] ignore very small zone for prevent incorrect low mem
    > notify.
    > [8/8] support fasync feature
    > related discussion:
    > --------------------------------------------------------------
    > LKML OOM notifications requirement discussion
    > OOM notifications patch [Marcelo Tosatti]
    > mem notifications v3 [Marcelo Tosatti]
    > Thrashing notification patch [Daniel Spang]
    > mem notification v4
    > mem notification v5
    > Changelog
    > -------------------------------------------------
    > v5 -> v6 (by KOSAKI Motohiro)
    > o rebase to 2.6.24-mm1
    > o fixed thundering herd guard formula.
    > v4 -> v5 (by KOSAKI Motohiro)
    > o rebase to 2.6.24-rc8-mm1
    > o change display order of /proc/zoneinfo
    > o ignore very small zone
    > o support fcntl(F_SETFL, FASYNC)
    > o fixed some trivial bugs.
    > v3 -> v4 (by KOSAKI Motohiro)
    > o rebase to 2.6.24-rc6-mm1
    > o avoid wake up all.
    > o add judgement point to __free_one_page().
    > o add zone awareness.
    > v2 -> v3 (by Marcelo Tosatti)
    > o changes the notification point to happen whenever
    > the VM moves an anonymous page to the inactive list.
    > o implement notification rate limit.
    > v1(oom notify) -> v2 (by Marcelo Tosatti)
    > o name change
    > o notify timing change from just swap thrashing to
    > just before thrashing.
    > o also works with swapless device.
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