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SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: mark USB drivers as being GPL only
> That's what you claim it says, but has any court, anywhere, agreed with
> you? You claim the authority of others (i.e. numerous lawyers), but I
> don't believe you have that authority. You're just starting hearsay.
> You've never said what lawyers and you've never told us what they
> actually said.

That would be improper as you'd well know if you knew the first thing
about the subject.

> I see that you have a clear political agenda, and I respect it in
> principle, but you're claiming that things are so in pursuit of that
> agenda when you don't *know* that they are. You don't need to stretch
> any truths to spread adoption of GPL, and doing so is not respectable.

Why don't you just say "you are a liar" as I assume that is what you want
to say. Then I have to read less words before I find you funny.

> I don't understand this, but I do understand that an essential question
> being considered is whether or not Linux can participate in a market
> that prohibits GPL drivers, whether explicitly, or more likely through
> pressure from regulatory bodies. Doing this would be a mistake.
> Probably a big one.

Linux is GPL licencesed code you either follow the licence or don't use
it. It's very simple.
> Don't telling people to switch to BSD, as some have done; they might do
> it. Where would Linux be if embedded devices used BSD instead? Don't

I don't actually care. If you want to do binary products then pick a
product you have the right to do that with.

> think they can't. Don't think Linux has a technical advantage. Lose
> the embedded market, and that's where it would be felt first, and Linux
> volumes fall by what? 50%? 90%? Would you care if servers followed?

The market will ultimately decide which models of software development
are the right ones for which situation.


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