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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] USB: mark USB drivers as being GPL only
    Diego Zuccato wrote:
    > David Newall ha scritto:
    >> "Of course", because in many parts of the world, a device who's
    >> manufacturer fails to take reasonable steps to prevent it from being
    >> used outside regulatory limits is illegal. Providing source code not
    >> only is a failure to take those reasonable steps, but is quite the
    >> opposite. It may even be viewed as encouraging users to use it
    >> inappropriately.
    > If the device is well engineered, there's nothing the sw can do to
    > make it work outside regulatory limits.

    That's naive, since requirements differ in different jurisdictions, as
    I'm sure you are perfectly aware.

    > Sometimes there's simply NOTHING the SW can do to *avoid* it. Think
    > about a CB radio. International standard is 5W (well, somewhere it's
    > 3, IIRC, but that's another story: nobody produces a special model
    > with a final amplifier for only 3W, everyone produces the 5W and turns
    > down power in some other way).
    Precisely: One purpose of the driver is to enforce local compliance.

    > But linear amplifiers are commonly sold. And (at least in Italy) it's
    > not illegal to buy one, even if it can boost antenna power to 1000W.
    > It's illegal just to USE it.
    In Australia it's illegal to own them (CB licensee; HAMs are allowed to
    use them, although not on 27Mhz.)

    > And it's a logical problem, too: why should the *driver* enforce a
    > *technical* limit?
    That's part of it's purpose. It permits a manufacturer to make a global
    device that operates within local restrictions.

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