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    SubjectRe: Integration of SCST in the mainstream Linux kernel
    Regarding the performance tests I promised to perform: although until
    now I only have been able to run two tests (STGT + iSER versus SCST +
    SRP), the results are interesting. I will run the remaining test cases
    during the next days.

    About the test setup: dd and xdd were used to transfer 2 GB of data
    between an initiator system and a target system via direct I/O over an
    SDR InfiniBand network (1GB/s). The block size varied between 512
    bytes and 1 GB, but was always a power of two.

    Expected results:
    * The measurement results are consistent with the numbers I published earlier.
    * During data transfers all data is transferred in blocks between 4 KB
    and 32 KB in size (according to the SCST statistics).
    * For small and medium block sizes (<= 32 KB) transfer times can be
    modeled very well by the following formula: (transfer time) = (setup
    latency) + (bytes transferred)/(bandwidth). The correlation numbers
    are very close to one.
    * The latency and bandwidth parameters depend on the test tool (dd
    versus xdd), on the kind of test performed (reading versus writing),
    on the SCSI target and on the communication protocol.
    * When using RDMA (iSER or SRP), SCST has a lower latency and higher
    bandwidth than STGT (results from linear regression for block sizes <=
    32 KB):
    Test Latency(us) Bandwidth (MB/s) Correlation
    STGT+iSER, read, dd 64 560 0.999995
    STGT+iSER, read, xdd 65 556 0.999994
    STGT+iSER, write, dd 53 394 0.999971
    STGT+iSER, write, xdd 54 445 0.999959
    SCST+SRP, read, dd 39 657 0.999983
    SCST+SRP, read, xdd 41 668 0.999987
    SCST+SRP, write, dd 52 449 0.999962
    SCST+SRP, write, xdd 52 516 0.999977

    Results that I did not expect:
    * A block transfer size of 1 MB is not enough to measure the maximal
    throughput. The maximal throughput is only reached at much higher
    block sizes (about 10 MB for SCST + SRP and about 100 MB for STGT +
    * There is one case where dd and xdd results are inconsistent: when
    reading via SCST + SRP and for block sizes of about 1 MB.
    * For block sizes > 64 KB the measurements differ from the model. This
    is probably because all initiator-target transfers happen in blocks of
    32 KB or less.

    For the details and some graphs, see also .

    Bart Van Assche.

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