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    SubjectRe: [rfc] direct IO submission and completion scalability issues
    David Chinner wrote:
    > Hi Nick,
    > When Matthew was describing this work at an LCA presentation (not
    > sure whether you were at that presentation or not), Zach came up
    > with the idea that allowing the submitting application control the
    > CPU that the io completion processing was occurring would be a good
    > approach to try. That is, we submit a "completion cookie" with the
    > bio that indicates where we want completion to run, rather than
    > dictating that completion runs on the submission CPU.
    > The reasoning is that only the higher level context really knows
    > what is optimal, and that changes from application to application.

    well.. kinda. One of the really hard parts of the submit/completion stuff is that
    the slab/slob/slub/slib allocator ends up basically "cycling" memory through the system;
    there's a sink of free memory on all the submission cpus and a source of free memory
    on the completion cpu. I don't think applications are capable of working out what is
    best in this scenario..

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