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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] Fix /proc/net in presence of net namespaces
>> Nack.  Yet another global set of ids that require us to implement another
>> namespace looks like the wrong way to go.
> Sentiment granted, but I'm not sure it can be an issue. It *could* be
> in issue if we moved to a more flexible access control here here any
> netns could access the .netns/N directories for all it's child
> namespaces.
> But it can't, and /proc/net is set by the kernel. So the <id> can't be
> an issue for any checkpoint/restart except htat of the whole system, and
> of course on whole-system resume we have no <id> collision worries.
> So userspace can't do anything with <id>, so there is no reason to worry
> about it becoming another namespace?
> Right?

Right. Thanks, Serge.

> thanks,
> -serge

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