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Subjectbad paravirt/Xen interaction in "x86 - Enhance DEBUG_RODATA support - alternatives"
The patch "x86 - Enhance DEBUG_RODATA support - alternatives" enables 
the kernel for writing by clearing X86_CR0_WP allow privileged writes.
This won't work in a paravirt environment for two reasons:

1. the kernel may not be running in ring 0, so writes will still be
2. the hypervisor prevents X86_CR0_WP from being cleared anyway (it
GPFs the cr0 update)

This crashes on Xen, and it would probably break VMI too.

The only safe way to allow writes is to change the page permissions
(either on the page itself, or create a temporary writable alias for
that page). Perhaps something you could do it with kmap_atomic.


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