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SubjectRe: hfsplus_unlink...hfsplus_block_free: lockdep warning

On Thu, 28 Feb 2008, Peter Zijlstra wrote:

> > Is this merely a case for annotation?
> Being utterly clueless on HFS, and not having had a look yet, I'd say
> its genuine. Esp. since the i_mutex lock class is per filesystem type.
> So HFS has internal lock ordering problems, its not interaction with
> another filesystem - like we used to have with ext vs the pseudo
> filesystems.

Please look at the code before you get to such conclusions...
The allocation bitmap is very much organized like a normal file, so HFS+
treats it like a file (e.g. its data is in the page cache), this file is
just not visible outside HFS+, so I used the inode lock to synchronize the
access to it. The lock ordering should be fine, lockdep just doesn't know
about it.

bye, Roman

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