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SubjectRe: Compex FreedomLine 32 PnP-PCI2 broken with de2104x
Grant Grundler wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 18, 2008 at 05:40:42PM +0100, Ondrej Zary wrote:
>> I think that de2104x driver should be removed (or at least its
>> MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE) and MODULE_DEVICE_TABLE with only 21040 and 21041 PCI
>> IDs added to de4x5.
>> I can send a patch if this is acceptable.
> It's acceptable to me. Jeff? (jgarzik)

NAK, sorry, for two reasons:

1) we don't delete otherwise clean, working drivers simply because of a
bug triggered by unplugging a cable.

2) de4x5 needs to go away.


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