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SubjectRe: [Suspend-devel] 2.6.25-rc2 System no longer powers off aftersuspend-to-disk. Screen becomes green.

On Fri, 22 Feb 2008, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> btw., why isnt there an in-kernel whitelist, with perhaps a dynamic,
> convenient /debug/s2r/whitelist append-API for distros (and testers) to
> add more entries to the whitelist/blacklist? (for cases where the kernel
> whitelist has not caught up yet) Which would eventually converge to
> Utopia: s2ram that just works out of box.

The big problem with that is
- the people who know about the devices are usually not kernel people
- the workarounds that the whitelist requires is quite often not a kernel

In other words, the most common workarounds for the s2ram whitelist is
usually to do things like running vbetool in user-level to do VGA register
save/restore (VBE_POST and VGE_SAVE). Sure, the kernel could do that with
usermodehelper etc, but s2ram also has those things as command line flags
etc, so...


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