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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2] xen pvfb: Para-virtual framebuffer, keyboard and pointer
Markus Armbruster wrote:
> Here's the description again:
> Frontends are expected to write their protocol ABI to xenstore. Since
> the protocol ABI defaults to the backend's native ABI, things work
> fine without that as long as the frontend's native ABI is identical to
> the backend's native ABI. This is not the case for xen-blkfront
> running 32-on-64, because its ABI differs between 32 and 64 bit, and
> thus needs this fix.
> I can break the dependency by putting the same bug that is now in
> xen-blkfront into xen-fbfront and xen-kbdfront.

Right, I see. The dependency is on the protocols.h changes.


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