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    SubjectRe: Unable to continue testing of 2.6.25
    On Sunday 17 February 2008, Adrian Bunk wrote:
    > The real problem is that the kernel seems to lack functionality you
    > require for doing some work.

    Not sure how you reached that conclusion.

    > Why does your work on the Debian Installer depend on VirtualBox and
    > can't be done with what the kernel already ships?

    Work on the installer does not so much hard depend on VirtualBox (or any
    other emulator), but can be done much more effectively and efficiently
    using one.

    It allows me to run the installer inside the emulator without the need for a
    second computer (and using the same keyboard). It allows me to take
    snapshots just before stages I'm interested in and then add debugging or
    try changes. If what I tried does not work, I can just revert to the
    snapshot and try something else without having to run the full installation
    from scratch. It allows me to easily test RAID setups without having
    multiple physical disks. Etc.

    The fact that VirtualBox does not (yet) work for me with 2.6.25 means that
    I'm unable to run 2.6.25 on my main desktop and do any real work. Rebooting
    my desktop whenever I want to use VirtualBox is just not a realistic
    That in turn means that I cannot do any more testing of 2.6.25, because most
    of the testing I do consists of just using a new kernel and critically
    observing the behavior of my system. As I've caught a fair number of bugs
    that way for the past few releases, I'd say that's a useful contribution.

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