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SubjectRe: [Patch 0/2] powerpc: avoid userspace poking to legacy ioports

> Maybe Christian's patch can be improved to not do the check on these?
> As long as /dev/port exists, it seems reasonable that the kernel should
> behave, no matter what I/O ports are accessed from user-space.


/dev/mem exists for example, but you are still not supposed to go
bang all over the place in it.

> > I hate that sensors_detect.. or for that matter any other userland code
> > that pokes random ports like that. It should die.
> What do you propose as a replacement?

Dunno, something less scary, like knowing where your sensors are on a
given machine... honestly, it's just scary the risk you guys are taking
by banging random IO ports.

At the very least, that shouldn't be done on non-x86.

> And how is userland code poking at random ports different from kernel
> code poking at random ports? We could move sensors-detect inside the
> kernel (and I have some plan to do that) but I fail to see how this
> would solve this particular problem.

It wouldn't, but at least I could NAK it or make it CONFIG_X86 :-)


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