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    SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.25-rc2 regression: LVM cannot find volume group
    Am 16.02.2008 23:37 schrieb Jiri Slaby:
    > On 02/16/2008 09:12 PM, Alan Cox wrote:
    >> On Sat, 16 Feb 2008 20:14:30 +0100
    >> Tilman Schmidt <> wrote:
    >>> 2.6.25-rc2 fails to bring up my openSUSE 10.3 PC because LVM
    >>> cannot find the volume group containing the root file system.
    >>> 2.6.25-rc1 has the same problem, 2.6.24 works fine.

    Bisection says:

    edfaa7c36574f1bf09c65ad602412db9da5f96bf is first bad commit
    commit edfaa7c36574f1bf09c65ad602412db9da5f96bf
    Author: Kay Sievers <>
    Date: Mon May 21 22:08:01 2007 +0200

    Driver core: convert block from raw kobjects to core devices

    This moves the block devices to /sys/class/block. It will create a
    flat list of all block devices, with the disks and partitions in one
    directory. For compatibility /sys/block is created and contains symlinks
    to the disks.

    Apparently, compatibility is in the eye of the beholder - in this
    case, LVM.

    >> Compile in SCSI disk support. Modular even if loaded in initrd it seems
    >> to have broken somewhere.



    does not help. The problem persists.

    > # CONFIG_SYSFS_DEPRECATED is not set
    > I would suspect this.



    does indeed fix the problem and allows me to boot successfully.
    Pity, I was so happy getting rid of that a couple of releases ago.

    > Try to upgrade to at least lvm 2.02.29 (I guess this is the first version which
    > understands the new sysfs layout).

    I'll have to investigate how to do that without breaking anything.


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    Bonn, Germany
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