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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/14] [ISDN] HiSax hotplug conversion
> >
> >Just ran checkpatch for the fun of it:
> >total: 28 errors, 86 warnings, 4896 lines checked
> >Most looks easy to fix.
> I'll take a look... if its checkpatch stuff I caused, I'm happy to fix it.
> But I'm trying to avoid cleanups for pre-existing conditions, i.e.
> flagged by checkpatch only because I moved existing code to a new location.
> Down that path lies madness and way too much work :) I didn't sign on
> to clean up ISDN :)
> Anyway, thanks for the multiple comments, they will be taken into
> account in the next update of these patches.

I was distracted when halfdone - but I assume that I would just
repeated myself for the rest of the drivers.

When you post an updated version I will try to take a little
bit deeper look. I did not get the full picture of the libification
you have made in hisax.


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