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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4]: Respun LMB patches.

    On Feb 13, 2008, at 7:09 PM, David Miller wrote:

    > I've taken into consideration the various feedback, and
    > ported the bug fix and other LMB patches posted recently
    > in an effort to keep the patch churn by others down wrt.
    > my moving of these files.
    > 1) Use HAVE_LMB as suggested by Sam.
    > 2) Fix potential build errors wrt. asm/prom.h dependencies.
    > My algorithm was:
    > a) If the file only included asm/lmb.h I added an include
    > of both linux/lmb.c and asm/prom.h
    > b) If the file already includes asm/prom.h, I merely
    > changed the asm/lmb.h to linux/lmb.h
    > Header include mimimizations can be done as followon patches.
    > 3) Integrate Kumar Gala's initial region fix.
    > 4) Integrate Becky Bruce's large physical addressing change,
    > but using u64 instead of phys_addr_t.
    > It's all at:
    > like before.

    Thanks for picking up the patches from Kumar and myself and fitting
    them into your series - this is much appreciated. FYI, I applied the
    entire patch series to my local tree and test-booted both mpc8641 and
    mpc8568mds and both build and boot cleanly. I also built pasemi and
    ebony, those build cleanly as well.


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