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SubjectRe: [git pull] CPU isolation extensions (updated)
Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Max Krasnyansky <> wrote:
>> Ingo said a few different things (a bit too large to quote).
> [...]
>> And at the end he said:
>>> Also, i'd not mind some test-coverage in sched.git as well.
>> I far as I know "do not mind" does not mean "must go to" ;-). [...]
> the CPU isolation related patches have typically flown through
> sched.git/sched-devel.git, so yes, you can take my "i'd not mind"
> comment as "i'd not mind it at all". That's the tree that all the folks
> who deal with this (such as Paul) are following. So lets go via the
> normal contribution cycle and let this trickle through with all the
> scheduler folks? I'd say 2.6.26 would be a tentative target, if it holds
> up to scrutiny in sched-devel.git (both testing and review wise). And
> because Andrew tracks sched-devel.git it will thus show up in -mm too.

Sounds good. Can you pull my tree then ? Or do you want me to resend the patches.
The tree is here:
Take the for-linus branch.
Or as I said please let me know and I'll resend the patches.


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