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Subject[REGRESSION] 2.6.25-rc1 does not boot on Alpha
This isn't going to be terribly useful other than giving someone a
heads-up there's a problem with something in 2.6.25-rc1 on the Alpha
PWS 433au. I get the usual messages out of "aboot", including

aboot: zero-filling 210392 bytes at 0xfffffc0000776740
aboot: starting kernel with argument ro root=/dev/sda3

and then the screen background switches to red and the machine locks
up solid. No further console output. Completely reproducible. The
2.6.24 kernel is fine.

Unless someone has a good idea what's causing this, I see a massive
"git bisect" project in my future. Won't be able to spend any time with
this until at least the weekend :-(.

Bob Tracy | "I was a beta tester for dirt. They never did | get all the bugs out." - Steve McGrew on /.

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