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    SubjectRe: bug in checkpatch (on pointers to typedefs?)
    On Feb. 11, 2008, 20:42 +0200, Andy Whitcroft <> wrote:
    > On Mon, Feb 11, 2008 at 06:58:08PM +0200, Benny Halevy wrote:
    >> OK, but the return type doesn't have to be in the patched line, it could be in
    >> a synchronization line or even missing if the function has a long multi-line argument
    >> list.
    > Ok, I guess thats fair criticism. Could you check out the current
    > checkpatch-next (0.14-8-g3737366 or later -9, -10 etc), and see if
    > that works. It seems to on the simple examples you sent me :).

    Confirmed with 0.14-8-g3737366.



    Oh, and I really liked the fact that you print the patch file name
    in the summary line of each patch checked rather than "Your patch" :)

    > Thanks.
    > -apw

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