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SubjectRe: [RFC v3 5/7] dmaengine: Make DMA Engine menu visible for AVR32 users
On Tue, 12 Feb 2008 14:43:30 -0600
Olof Johansson <> wrote:

> > - depends on (PCI && X86) || ARCH_IOP32X || ARCH_IOP33X || ARCH_IOP13XX
> > + depends on (PCI && X86) || ARCH_IOP32X || ARCH_IOP33X || ARCH_IOP13XX || AVR32
> This is a slippery slope. Things should be the other way around instead,
> create a HAVE_DMA_DEVICE, select it in the relevant platform code and
> make DMADEVICES depend on that.

Agree. I'll cook up a patch tomorrow to make it use the new HAVE_*

> Or just let the subsystem always be available.

It used to be always available, but then it was changed. Assuming there
was a reason for this change, I guess we don't want to change it back.


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