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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [8/8] RFC: Fix some EFI problems
On Tuesday 12 February 2008 21:04:06 Thomas Gleixner wrote:

> And you just copied the real bug in that logic as well:
> set_memory_uc(md->virt_addr, size);

Oops you're right. I wanted to fix that, but didn't. Ok I'll put up
my brown paper back tonight when I go out.

> ------------------------^^^^^^^^
> which is initialized a couple of lines down.
> md->virt_addr = (u64) (unsigned long) va;
> The reordering/optimizing needs to be a separate patch.

What optimizing? It wasn't intended to be an optimization.
It fixes a bug.

Not doing set_memory_uc on efi_ioremap output is needed because
set_memory_uc doesn't work on fixmap which is what efi_ioremap

(see previous mails on that topic -- i fixed the 'x' case,
but fixing "uc" is too hard imho)

So I fixed efi_ioremap instead to set the correct caching
mode directly. That is ok because there can be no overlap
with the direct mapping, so no aliases to fix up.

> Please keep bugfixes and other changes separate.
> > + /* RED-PEN does not handle overlapped areas */
> Can you please use CHECKME/FIXME which is used everywhere else. No need to
> invent an extra marker.

I've always used RED-PEN

% grep -r RED-PEN arch/x86/* | wc -l

It comes originally from network code I hacked a long time ago, although
most of those got lost over time (only 2 left, sniff)

Sorry I don't want to change this now and I doubt that will really cause
a problem for anybody.

I'll send an updated patch with the va thing fixed.


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